About me

About me

Abreadbag and production from line were created from one simple idea and homemade bread, at the same time with goal to minimize waste, recycle and store food and pastry in natural packaging and thereby save our nature and the environment.

All the fabrics from which the breadbags are sewn, are washed before and only then are produced. I work exclusively with natural materials.

Thanks for feedback to all my customers and I greatly appreciate them. We have expanded our assortment with home furnishings and soft furnishings, table-topping, serving baskets, shopping bags.

What are my products? When you buy them, you will be sure that you own an original Slovak product made of natural materials, handmade, with well-worked details and especially long-term use. I’m open and flexible to the customer’s requirements, I make designs for interiors and exteriors.

Communication and collaboration is very important to me. It is a great responsibility, and I want every customer to get what he has ordered and paid for, we are interested in whether the customer is satisfied with the product and its use.

Our linen products have not only utilitarian but also moral value, they are based on the rules: know who I am, do not forget about the traditions and transform them to modern day, responsibility for the quality of the products and to respect each of our customers.

Why I like handwoven linen?
Benefits of slovak linen bread bags: Breathable, keeps the bread in the dark, keeps bread from drying out, linen naturally attracts moisture, ecologically-friendly, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, high air permeability, high heat conductivity. Yes, linen is really that good! Even though this premiere all-natural fabric has been celebrated for thousands of years, researchers are learning more and more every day about the health benefits of linen. That’s right; linen is the healthy fabric, a clean-living alternative that can have long-reaching and fundamental health benefits for you…